vishra nana
Vishra got her first tattoo in Greece, after having a dream about it. Through this experience, she get obsessed with tattooing, she saw instantly the therapeutic and powerful impact it can brings on people’s lives, while giving her the possibility to express her creativity and vision. To her, tattooing is a unique medium, involving deep transformation, in the matiere and invisible worlds, sealed by blood. 

She opened her studio “Zoskia tattoo” with Yam in the north of France in October 2018. After many experiences and guestspots around the world, it leads her to work full time in Psyland25 in July 2024, alongside with Yam.

Her style is bold and evolutive, from illustrative subjects, cryptic scripts, to ornamental and abstract shapes. 

The topic always involves obscure and occult imagery, in order to awake the “inner warrior” and protect the person who receive it, against the evilness from this world. 

I prefer to write over EMAIL but you also find me on INSTAGRAM 

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