Some words and love from psyland

HAPPY 16:12 to our lovely family

Another lovely Project from psyland. This clip shows a bit deeper behind the surface of the ink. Include a interview with the client and the artists. And shows the deeper conection and change within a intense ritual like this.

The very first time he reflects his past as tattoo artist in front of a camera. He gives us a little glimps withhin the world he was live in the last 15 years. This passion and art for tattooing goes far behind the boarder of what he ever expected what would be possible as a tattoo artist . He was give his life and everything he had to progress that far and cross as many boarders as it took to let his art spread on the medium skin. Little swastika is gone and he let his old male ego, the tattoo machie and much more behind him to step forward in life again and find new and fresh callenges within our society and our alternative culture.

And some more double love. When basti and angelo colab together it gets intense and beautiful.




because the world is full of hacks and uncomfortable places and peoples. so we try to provide for our family nice and skilled peoples we trust ourself on our bodys. so you can feel in good hands and still dont have to miss the silly and unprofesionallity we can provide u here in psyland.




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little swastika is death

personal uncensured photoblog

as social medias more and more anoying me and censure and delete pictures. there is a new way i will go from now on. also the fact that so many peoples follow me just to be negative and let there negativity and frustration out in coments. this will stop now. i will not post much anymore on social platforms, instead i will post a lot more of things i keeped for myself. i photograph more than half of my life. i always have my camera with me. if i travel, in rituals, in trips and yeah also in sexual acts i love to make pictures. i collect pictures over the years and didnt published them anywhere. once i planed to make some books, but books are death anyway and i have so much other book projects in front of me that i will never find time to realize photobooks anyway. also a lot of my picture contens things i cant publish on social medias anyway.

the platform i use now have a few resons. its a easy way to support me and my visions of life, art and to help me to find a way to finance all of this and to let psyland grow. also its a easy way to sort out and protect my work from peoples who not stand behind what i do. there many options to support me and see the content. the lowest amount is the lowest amount possible and you dont get more benefits if you spend a few euros more. its up to you how much you want support me and my path. also as a lot of the content is from sexual nature. its a easy way to protect it fron kids. there will be times when i post less as i am travel a lot and not always have acess to internet and my photo databank. but i will make it up the times i have acess and post more than.anyway. im thankfull for all who ever supported me and hope i can give u yomething back like this. i guess many of you will enjoy the pictures i post. and when im back in europe i will start posting also pictures from rituals and other crazyness from the last decade. and for anyone else who just follows me to be negative. there is now no reason anymore. as i choosed a platform just for the once who realy care and find inspiration and joy in what i do.

thank you little swastika