Some words and love from psyland

HAPPY 16:12 to our lovely family

Another lovely Project from psyland. This clip shows a bit deeper behind the surface of the ink. Include a interview with the client and the artists. And shows the deeper conection and change within a intense ritual like this.

The very first time he reflects his past as tattoo artist in front of a camera. He gives us a little glimps withhin the world he was live in the last 15 years. This passion and art for tattooing goes far behind the boarder of what he ever expected what would be possible as a tattoo artist . He was give his life and everything he had to progress that far and cross as many boarders as it took to let his art spread on the medium skin. Little swastika is gone and he let his old male ego, the tattoo machie and much more behind him to step forward in life again and find new and fresh callenges within our society and our alternative culture.

And some more double love. When basti and angelo colab together it gets intense and beautiful.