Female Tattoo Artist Journey

Some words and love from psyland

HAPPY 16:12 to our lovely family Another lovely Project from psyland. This clip shows a bit deeper behind the surface of the ink. Include a interview with the client and the artists. And shows the deeper conection and change within a intense ritual like this. The very first time he reflects his past as tattoo…


SHIVA 108   because the world is full of hacks and uncomfortable places and peoples. so we try to provide for our family nice and skilled peoples we trust ourself on our bodys. so you can feel in good hands and still dont have to miss the silly and unprofesionallity we can provide u here…


some small words from little swastika about tatuing in psyland and the ritualistic side of it.  

little swastika is death

personal uncensured photoblog as social medias more and more anoying me and censure and delete pictures. there is a new way i will go from now on. also the fact that so many peoples follow me just to be negative and let there negativity and frustration out in coments. this will stop now. i will…


finally online. enjoy.

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this site is under construction and should be filled and finished in the next month. up to then you will find a few of us on the amenra project in berlin. __________________________