FAQ / Contact

Thank you for your interest in psyland25 art! For all inquiries regarding art commissions, licensing, album covers and any other professional requests please contact Manager, little swastika: info@little-swastika.com Psyland 25 loves to hear from you and you make his passion possible through your ongoing support. We encourage you to share the love on psyland25 Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/noplaceforsane

Again, thank you so much for your interest! We hope to hear from you soon.

Love, the psyland 25 team

Who are we?

My name is Marc, known as little swastika and this site is run by myself and the small group of peoples on psyland25 .We create most of our prints direct in psyland.

Why do you sell the items you sell?

It’s a simple equation; time is my most valuable possession and making art is the best use of my time. I sell my art so I can buy back more of my time that I will spend making more art. I love when you buy my art because it is what enables me to create more art for you and the world to enjoy.

Where are you located?

we located in south germany. in a small village called tengen. psyland is a small land with a 200 year old farmer house on it, barns, skatepools and ramps, a lot crazy buildings and hold the private gallery of little swastika where all the tattoos and art from the psyland group get out to this world.

How long you have been in business?

i start art since im a little kid. tatuing with 18 and developed my own unique style already in that age. more infos about myself on http://www.little-swastika.com/about-me and about psyland on this side.

How long have you been running your online shop?

We launched our shop November 2014.

How do you determine the prices? 

Prices are based on creating a sustainable equation that covers the price of equipment, ink, paper and the labor it takes to make these prints available, as well as to supply the stability we need to fulfill your requests in the realm of printing and making new art.

We reserve the right to change our prices at any time, for as the value of my art increases, prices will naturally reflect that. Our goal is to start low in order to give our initial fan base the best opportunity to obtain limited edition prints. It is, however, likely that with time all print prices will increase.

Who are the people on your team?

little swastika, freak mike, basti, dorsch, manu

What kind of printer do you use? 

Prints are created using Epson printers. I use inks guaranteed to last over 200 years and if kept out of direct sunlight, the prints look awesome well after you are looking at this world from the other side. I have tried to make the prices as accessible as possible. If you have never invested in a work of art before, I would like to do what I can to be your first.

What kind of inks do you use? 

I print with archival inks guaranteed to last for 200 years or more on high quality fine art paper. In other words, the prints will not only look amazing, they may outlive your human lifespan.

What mediums do you print on?

We use diffrent kind of mediums and fine art paper.

What does ‘limited edition’ mean?

A ‘limited edition’ is a piece of art hand signed and numbered by the artist, typically in pencil, in the form (eg): 14/100. The first number is the number of the print itself. The second number is the number of overall prints the artist will print of that image. The lower the second number is, the more valuable and collectible the limited editions are.

What tools do you use to create the art with?

i use everythign what i can find in life. if digital, skin or any medium acesable to me.

When will my print arrive?

Most items ship in 3 weeks or less.  If you have an event, birthday, or special occasion and you require the print to arrive at a specific time please make sure to let us know.

Unsigned prints can ship out within a few days.  For signed art there could be delays as little swastika is not permanently around. Therefore, seeing that signatures are important to you they are just as important to us as well, in case little swastika is traveling though at the time we receive your order we will have to ask for your patience or ship it out to you unsigned, which is always an option.  A member of psyland will respond to your emails about any questions you have, so if you are needing more information please email: satan@little-swastika.com

At this moment we are still researching the best international shipping arrangements. If you are a die hard fan and you want to order something regardless please contact us for support and we will see what we can do for you.

What if I want something I can’t find in the store?

We can create custom-sized prints. If there is something you would like but that you are not seeing available in the store, please email:  satan@little-swastika.com . For any special requests we will send you a bid estimate of costs.