Hi, my name is Basti.

 I am a father of two children. Which really affected my live in many ways.

I work in psyland since we started here in 2012 ?

I started my personal tattoo journey with some small tattoos and a sleeve tattoo. Than i got in touch with little swastika and that really changed my experience with tattoos. It was in the old shop , the swastika freak shop.

When i got my back tattoed, it was the first really tattoo experience i got so far. It really changed my mind to  think what a tattoo is. Before i had in my mind there must be a meaning for the tattoo. But i was wrong. Its  more about the experience, the pain you go through, how you handle it, the life situation you are in at that moment,… this is something you will always remember .

I started to tattoo myself and some friends just for  fun before i got the opportunity to learn from little swastika. From him i learned a lot more than the technical aspect of a tattoo. And here in psyland we have the best place for tattoing with the right atmosphere which helps you to get a experience what can be more than just a tattoo.


I prefer to writte over EMAIL but you also find me on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM 

And why i make tattoos?

Because i love it , it´s what we here in psyland live for, it`s nothing i`d rather be doing with my live than doing tattoos here in psyland with my friends,and let this place grow.

And i am also trying to give you as my customer a special experience.

In my mind i try to create a bodysuit. So i am interested to do big pieces, starting with back or frontpiece or even bigger with no borders. But i am also open to do smaller stuff like sleeves or legsleeves. I don`t have a long waiting list .so please feel free to get in contact with me.

 I am really trying to reply all messages. But be a bit patient with me when i don`t replay directly, cause i am a bit messy with that, and remind me when i forgot to replay.

 I don`t have a long waiting list so i am able to start the project in near future.

I also like to do projects together with my collegues. For that you can contact me or one oft hem


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