Basti is specialised on ‘full body suits’ and big tattoo work. He likes bold and big geometric patterns in combination with blackwork, script and the norml madness of the kritzel kratzel psyland style.

please feel free to contact him with all your ideas and projects. normally he try to not have a long waiting list and always will find space for your project.



I prefer to writte over EMAIL but you also find me on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM 

i learned tattooing from little-swastika since end of 2012 here in psyland.

in my mind i try to create a bodysuite. so i am interrested to do big pieces, starting with a back or frontpiece or even bigger with no borders.

but i am also open to do smaller stuff like sleeves or legsleeves. i don´t have a long waiting list. you can check my work in my gallery


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