Welcome to our little universe called Psyland25.


To enter Psyland, please just walk the way to the right side behind the house. Do not ring or try to enter the front door please.
There you will find the green arrows that show you where you can discover everything you need for your stay.
Behind the coloured door is our Psyland25 Gallery/Shop/Tattoospace.
In case you coming to early for your tattoo session or a visit, feel free to chill in the garden or the guesthouse, which is always open for everyone. You can make yourself a coffee or tea. It also gives you the possibility to make yourself some food and take a break.


In our guesthouse up the odd stairs you will find a kitchen, the bathroom and behind the door near the kitchen hotplate, our storage room and one of our rooms called the “birdnest”.


Please respect that beside the guesthouse area and the shop the other rooms are PRIVATE. So please don’t enter them when you not booked them.


There is one essential rule for whole Psyland:

Be respectful and take care of everything here as you wish other people would take care of your ground and stuff ! You are a guest; keep in mind to behave like one.
We love to create a wonderful place for everyone and that is just possibly going to happen with your respect for our little universe.
Smoke only, and only in the smoking area in front of the shop. Put your stubs in the ashtray and not on the ground. In case the ashtray is full, please ask someone of the Psyland crew to empty it or they give you the key to do so. We are all nonsmokers so better be clean in that case.


And please leave everything like you encountered it. When you use a cup or something in the kitchen please clean it afterwards by yoursel. In case you make a mess you will find cleaning material in the storage room beside the guesthouse.


The shop:

The entry is behind the house. We don’t have real opening times. When someone is there the door will be open and you are welcome to enter.


Guesthouse – Main room/kitchenarea:
Beside the shop you find some oddly stairs and there it is. This room is always open and kind of a community room from Psyland and its guests. Here you can meet with other guests, make yourself food take a shower or shit or just relax.


If you have some stuff to eat left, and if it’s NOT OPEN and you don’t want to take it with you – then please write “eat it” on it so maybe the next guest can take it.


If the trash bag in the kitchen is full, please close it and bring it down to the gallery that we can put it away.


Storage room:

Our storage room is behind the door near the kitchen hotplate.
There you find our own laundry, trash bags, toilet paper etc.
and a laundry basket for dirty towels, bed cover and sheets you’ve used from us.


For all rooms:

When you come into a room and it is to cold for you feel free to turn the heater on. There are some instructions on the heater or somewhere in the room. Please shut down the heater after you leave and leave the room clean and ventilated for the next guest. In case you didn’t brought your own bed sheets and towels we have some in the storage room. As this is normally not included we ask for a little donation in the range of 5-10 euro for the laundry.
When you fuck up the bed sheets with blood please understand that you have to give tin the range of 20-30 euro so we are able to replace them. We try to keep things clean and comfy for all so please respect that we really want that you bring your own sheets and towels. Especially when you are here for getting tattooed of course.
The fucked up once you still can throw in the laundry and we wash it and give it away or recycle them into something else. It’s up to you.


When you are ready to leave, please turn the heater off and open for a few minutes the window or door to let fresh air in and put the light off.
Look that everything is clean and comfortable for the next guests.
If not you need to clean!
Some instructions in short:
Never smoke in the rooms.


Sleepover guests:

Check in and out is around ‪10am‬


Please take your own bed cover and sheets or a sleeping bag with you.
You have to put your clean sheets on the bed and after your stay you have to remove it.


A flashlight for the dark nights here is also not too bad for your time in Psyland.



We accept smokers but please ONLY smoke in the smoking area.


The area:

A supermarket is also a few minutes walk away (In case you have a smartphone: Schulstraße 9, 78250 Tengen)
We also have a bus station where you can drive with the bus to the next bigger cities but our little village Tengen is also good for a relaxed walk. We have a waterfall here and if you climb high enough you can see the stunning swiss alps from here.


How to get here:
The closest airport is in Zürich, Swiss. Stuttgart in Germany or Memmingen, Germany. Both are also just a few hours away. The closest train station are Engen and Singen. From there you can drive with the bus. Infos about trains and the buses are on www.bahn.de. Please be aware that we are located deep in the countryside and this is not city life. That means on the weekends there are less buses to drive here and shops are closed on Sundays.


Our address is
Leipferdingerstr 21
78250 Tengen


If you come with the car, you can park in front of our building, or somewhere on the side of the street. Do not park in front of the entries of our neighbours.
We wish you a nice stay and good time here in Psyland25.



Be 100 % aware of the tattoo ritual etc. you will go trough here. It is very important that you are HEALTHY and know exactly what you are doing here. It will be a intense jorney for your body and mind. So drink a lot of water, take rest, take care and try to avoid all the stuff what is unhealthy for you ! This is why we have this RULES you MUST HAVE TO FOLLOW otherwise we feel free to ban you from this place.

Thank you for beeing our guest here in Psyland25 we try to make this stay for you to an unforgettable ones and that it will stay like this as well in the future we have some guidlines for you to follow:



EVERYTHING what we built is out of WOOD. This means it could be highly inflammable.

Take care of it and smoke just in the area we marked espacially for the smokers. It is in front of the shop on a conrete wall where you can find as well the ashtray.

Even when nobody will see you dont smoke inside of all our rooms we are not stupid and we hate to put your cigarette stubs away and see them around the house and in our normal trash…

It is a matter of respect to honor our rules. We are AGAINST any kind of DRUGS here and absoulty against this behaviour. So if we are not happy with your company and your disrespectful attitude we are free to give you a LIFELONG EXCLUSION from Psyland25.



If you make a break while tattooing TAKE CARE THAT YOU DONT INFECT OUR FURNITURE ETC WITH YOUR BLOOD AND DIRT FROM YOUR TATTOOED BODY. When you are wraped in plastic after your tattoo session be aware that you are wearing a pullover etc. and even AFTER YOUR SHOWER take care that you know EXACTLY WHERE YOU TROUGH YOUR USED PLASTIC, the best is to put it into a own plastic back and after into the trash that nobody else could grap into it ! The tattoo artist could give you another plastic back if you cant find ! If you sleep here take care you have your OWN TOWEL, CLOTHES over your tattoo that NOTHING COMES ONTO THE MATRESSE or somewhere else ! TAKE care of yourself. If you need any help because you dont feel good get in contact with the hosts/ tattoo artists. Drink a lot of water and stay healthy. A cold room is better after a fresh tattoo session than a hot one !


3. CLOSE WINDOWS and DOORS when you leave + it starts to RAIN !

It doesnt matter if its starts to rain, you leave for a short amount of time or because you have to go home, close the DOORS and WINDOWS.




If you leave the room turn out the light EVERYWHERE in the GUESTHOUSE and GUESTHOUSE rooms. We have two different heating systems:

 A) floor heater (guesthouse kitchen next to the hotplate)

B) room heater

Please turn BOTH OFF when you leave.

In the night it could get very dark and we dont have eveywhere outside light so take a POCKET LIGHT with you!



Even when it looks like a waterfall it isnt, dont take showers to long because after you have to take care that it s getting dry in there after.

Take care that the drain isnt blocked and the water can run down.

Under the sink you can find a trashback for your trash and on the side of the think you find cleansing agent you can use when you make dirt in the bathroom. Take care that everything of your stuff is gone when you leave. We dont need used toothbrushes.



If you go trough the door in the kitchen next to the hotplate you can find on the right side our cabinet for fresh towels and bed covers etc.

We expect you take your own bed covers and towels with you. If not you can take ours for a donation between 5 – 10 Euros. It is important for us that you trough them after the using into our laundry basket next to our cabinet !

We also have two blankets for every room. If they getting dirty put them in the laundry basket as well, if not let them in the room where they belong.

On every mattress is a latex cover DONT put it into the laundry basket . LET IT STAY ON THE MATTRESS. It is to protect the mattress and have to be under the bed cover !



Make yourself comfortable and enjoy the time. The kitchen have everything you need to cook you a meal or drink a tea or coffee for a DONATION between 1 – 2 Euro per cup

A) FRIDGE = under the sink

     Take care that the door is closed, if something is inside already not good to

      eat anymore feel free to trough it away. If you dont take your food with you

      let it in the fridge for the next who comes or take care that you trough it

      away. If something gets inside the fridge dirty – CLEAN IT.


    Take care that nothing lays on the hotplate while you cooking what could

    gets into a fire and take care that the plate is clean BEFORE and AFTER

    cooking. Look that ALL PLATES ARE OUT when you finish your dish.


    The TEA KETTLE =  is NOT for putting on the hotplate. It is electric so let it

               stay where it belongs to boil the water. It have a nob you can press down to

               boil the water.

               THE COFFEE MACHINE = Put a capsule into the machine and press the left

               button for an espresso and the right button for a coffee. Try to keep the area

               clean and when water is around the machine. Dry it because the wood could

               get destroyed from it. 


 are everywhere to find in the kitchen. Feel free to use them but

              CLEAN them after using. You find everything what you need for it next to the

              sink !


              Under the HOTPLATE we have some food you can use for cooking. If you dont

              use all put them back into the plastic backs or glass bottles.                                                   

              We have a mouth living there and  if the food isnt packed good she will gnaw

              on your stuff…



DIRT =  If your room, the kitchen or the bathroom is dirty from you. Feel free to ask the Tattoo                  artists or hosts if they can give you a vacuum cleaner for cleaning. You can find more                    cleaning stuff in the cabine behind the kitchen. In the bathroom and in the kitchen as                    well but we are always free to help you if you couldnt find what you are searching for.

TRASH = We have a bin for organic waste ist stand directly on it. You will find it.                                                Plastic waste etc. you but in the big bin                                                                                                      OLD BOTTLES if PLASTIC or GLASS you get money for it in Germany so dont trough it                    in the trash. Next to it is a plastic back where you   can put it inside or you bring it on                    your own to the supermarket.



We allow animals but only when they are WELL TRAINED and YOU TAKE 100 % care of them and their actions in case something happen ! They need to have a safe place (cage etc.) when they need to be ALONE but we prefere that you have somebody with you who will take CARE OF YOUR ANIMAL WHILE YOU GET TATTOOED. It is IMPORTANT that you vacuum clean everything where your animal was! Imagine the next guest could be allergic against the hairs etc. The beanbags in the kitchen are very sensitive put a blanked on it when your animal take place there. Use a plastic back when they shit in the garden. We have people here who are walking barefoot and we dont like to put it away for you. Also tell our hosts that you take a animal with you if you do it !

Feel always free to ask the hosts when you need to know something. It could be helpfull when you take this paper with you on your phone or as a paper that you can read everything when you need to know something.