You are interested in getting a eyeball tattoo, then you should know some important conditions I have on you!

First of all: For ANY facial body modification in psyland 25, be aware that we ONLY work on faces of people who already have almost there FULL BODY COVERED.

Specialy to get you eyeballs tattooed i want to be sure that you already experienced with this kind of live and already heavy tattooed and / or modified. Just because you have 2 tattoos on your face and the rest of the body is empthy doesnt mean you are ready for this.

Sadly this days it seems very trendy and many younger ‘kids’ want to be all tough and start straight with this. For me this is a very long journey and specialy the eyeball tattoo should be a very importend and powerfull step wich you already have put many thoughts into and prepaired yourself.

I will check this and please send me direct some informations about you and your journey with your email. please also send me some links to your social media and be aware that i will require in some cases a few (almost nude) pictures to confirm myself if you enough modified to earn this next step. 

SECOND: i do not do black sclera ink. I like to mix colours and create a unique eyeball tattoo with mirror a bit more than just boring black. It still can be dark and spooky but i refuse to do simple black so please do not ask or i will not reply.


It is important for us to make it to people we know they will not regret it. If you have a full body tattoo and are shure you want to make this big next step you can write here below for more informations.


When you want a eyeball tattoo from me please read my conditions first as i will not reply otherwise and you may miss your chance. I do not make any exceptions so do not even try. 


It will answere many of your questions and explane a few different importend topics about eyeball tattooing. So please watch it and iform yourself as much aas you can about it befor you writte me.

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