tribester bag

tribester bag

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Probably the finest piece ever designed by Lily Lu. Because she dont have pockets and wears a day bag (fanny bag) like this whe she leave psyland she was thinking to create a own little collection.

Each bag is handmade with love and insanity. All prints and patterns as well designed by Lily Lu (little swastika).

The bag is out of CORDURA fabric and comes with a 4cm wide strap.Adjustable to realy all sizes and eve long enoug to hang it sideways around your neck-body.

A ‘secret’ pocket in the backside of the bag for a save storaage of your money / psport and things you dont want get stolen. Originaly designed for the left body side with a shape who makes them look les big and chunky as most bags in this size. ( the big one).

BIG (model):

Main pocket + secret pocket around 25 cm high and 20 cm wide.

Small front pocket is 15  cm high and 12 cm wide.

The big bag holds quiet a lot stuff for the once who realy needs storage.

SMALL (model):

Main pocket + secret pocket around 27 cm high and 13 cm wide.

This bag is more for esentcials and for the once of you who just need soemthing for there keys, money and phone. its quiet small so you dont have to be bothered with a to chunky bag


CORDURA® Advanced Fabrics are both strong and versatile, great for combating the daily grind to surviving some of the world’s toughest environments.

We challenge the definition of fabric with advanced solutions that help protect against tears, scuffs, and abrasions.


This is the first model so there will be some little changes in the upcoming version.