döner - dildo - B STOCK sell out

döner - dildo - B STOCK sell out

Item price: 20,00 EUR
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a typical handmade designed fantasy creature out of the mind of little swastika.

dildo 15 cm long and fully 5 cm wide. it is for the once who love a good big size. its made for heavy sex. so the texture its very fine and gentle enough to not hurt even with wild and fast penetration in that size. the idea also was to make a small wide one because normaly the bigger sizes always very long.

its a medium firmness and the texture feels very nice and intense. this dildo is not made for very fast and rough sex because of the intensity of his form.

we use only implant grade silicon for our toys with special pigmentation. its absolut grade/high quality material. long lasting and save for the body. wash it after each use with warm water and soap for a long life and store in the bag we include.


all this dildos are part of the testphase. so they are not fully perfekt. some have a M10 thread inlayed when you asked for but they also not the final once. so please understand that this is a low price and just covers the cost of the silicon and the pigments to give u a nice chance for a crazy dildo. there are all look roughly like the once on the picture and have just some small things in the details or on the base.