lily - dildo - B STOCK sell out

lily - dildo - B STOCK sell out

Item price: 20,00 EUR
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because the first thing any sane ‘person with a penis’ would do is to mold his own dick. so here we go, a reworked replica of little swastika. after many wierd molds he got a prity got replica of his own (just 17 cm (ok 1-2cm) shorter than the original) it shows even details as his splitt.

from the replica he made a handmade rework and added some psycrit for the ultimate protection and for more sensation in your holes.

dildo around 15 cm long and 4,5-5 cm wide

its a medium firmness and the texture feels very nice and intense.

we use only implant grade silicon for our toys with special pigmentation. its absolut grade/high quality material. long lasting and save for the body. wash it after each use with warm water and soap for a long life and store in the bag we include.


all this dildos are part of the testphase. so they are not fully perfekt. some have a M10 thread inlayed when you asked for but they also not the final once. so please understand that this is a low price and just covers the cost of the silicon and the pigments to give u a nice chance for a crazy dildo. there are all look roughly like the once on the picture and have just some small things in the details or on the base.

most have a hole in the bottom from where we removed the first row of inlays who didnt worked. it can be drilled bigger and fir on the vac-u-lock system. it not influence the use of it.


the final once will be ready in the spring and with a soft and medium firmness and maybe even the option to choose your own colours than.