shibari keychain charm

shibari keychain charm

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some very special keychain lucky charms

handmade by little swastika on the coast of spain. for his love to turquise-pink colour combination. it holds a piece of a old shibari rope set of little swastika. when you follow dirty dreaz or himself you may have seen many pics of girlz in a rose-pink rope. he retired this rope set after many years and used some parts for this keychain. so it hold a lot of crazy memory and crazy rituals within it.

there only 6 pieces and one piece we will keep in psyland as we do from every limited serie of anything. beside the rope there is a handmade wire ring he made a few years back and a tibetan swastika glass bead. a coloured indian goat teeth and two tibetan steel beads from nepal. there is a ring for your keys and an extra small carabine.

its around 15cm long and 30 g heavy.