knoted swastika necklace

knoted swastika necklace

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swastika good luck necklace

uniqe piece –  only one

handmade by little swastika on the coast of spain. include one of his swastika pendants. some tibetan glass beads and thai wood beads with swastikas. the base is a necklace for thai amulets from the temple. its open in the back.

the necklace have a open length of around 50 cm. closed its 33 cm long and 85 g heavy.


the swastika pendant

this amulet is designed 2017 by little swastika.

they made in thailand from a small company who makes also the amulets for the monks. they actually use the leftover brass from the thai amulets to mold this pieces for us.

the piece is 37 x 37 mm big. the hole is around 4mm.

100 % bronce with chemical and heat finishing to give it a little antik look. around 62 gram heavy.