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from the frustration of not finding any nice looking, and still comfortable, good holding and in the same time easy to adjust and put on, strap on in this world, little swastika start laying around and making many diffrent kind of prototypes over the last 3 years. within this and many fieldtests at filmshoots and private orgys he developed his idea of a perfekt strap on more and more.

the final one is designed with the idea to give a women a private piece of jewlery in wich she feels prity and wich she can adopt herself. it had to be a fast and easy way to put it on and off, so it can be used very natural without ruining the mood while taking 10 minutes to put on a strap on. so it holds a very easy and simple system to open and close this piece without the failture of a mechanic system. once you adjust your size proper and you got a bit of a handling with this piece it takes you only seconds to put it on.

he tryed to create this piece as compact as it could be, so you still can take it in your purse or let it anywhere travel with u. within this compact size it still holds very very stabil on the body.

the stability is maybe the biggest problem of most strap ons and nothing is more of a hell than a lose dick. it kills any natural feeling of fucking and it will never give a women the sensation to fuck proper when she have to use one hand to hold the dildo or the dildo just stuck in the hole while she is moving around. so the stability was one of the  biggest issue while greating this piece. sure witin the compactity and the easy way to put it on there are some compromises in the stability when it comes to very heavy dildos. but everything to 300 g is siting still very good and stands nice up. and this is already a big size dildo for most peoples.

the mainplate is made out of stainless steel by our italian friend who makes the beautifull swastika pendants. . it was a long journej to finally find a way to deep engrave the psycrit protection prayer in the hard steel. even that it was a very price detail little swastika decided he cant give away a proper personal piece as this without a proper protection on it.

the backside of the strap on is polstered with a 8mm softshell neopren with more psycrit inlayed. its very long lasting and absolutly waterproof. each set comes with an extra pading and in any case of destroying it it can be replaced or doubled up for a more softer comfort. we will offer replacement parts here but we tested it now for a long time and we didnt had to replace any of it even after a long therm use.

the holding system is a normal M10 thread. all our toys comes with a inlay so you an screw them on. you also have the option to glue in a M10 inlay in your toys at home and also use them. we working on a final DIY inlay kit in the future. but you find something in every home improvement store to adapt also your own toys.

the belts are made out of polyester. they are very strong, not change the size or stability over the years as other materials. the full piece can be washed under warm water after use. every piece on it is stainless steel or waterproof.

there are a few sizes in stock but the best is to get your strap on made for u. for this you can choose your exact size and colour. many more colours are available with this option and you even can choose a extra touch on it.


when you order a custom colour and size. please accept that each piece is handmade by little swastika. he makes them here in psyland and only him. he is traveling in and out the year and lives the main summer season in his camper somewhere even more in the nowhere than psyland. he is usually not longer gone than 2 month at once and will do your order as soon as he can. but please accept that when you order a custom piece made by him that it can come to longer waiting times. you always can drop a email befor to find out if he is around and how long your piece would take.

for any custom orders please add in the coment of your order the exact colour you want. when you choose two colours than writte wich one you want as main colour and wich as detail colour. also please lett us know your exact size. please add this 4 sizes to the coments and also your normal pant size.

when you choose the little swastika choose option. please just add one colour as theme. so he will go in this direction but he will ad 1-2 extra colours and stiching as he feel like and make you a nice matching set.


colours and size